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GUARD LOW FLEX "Hygienic Cover"

Hygienic Cover for all serving plates and dishes, wire stands with rubber feet, PMMA board variable adjustable in the pitch. height: 390 mm
Part No.Height Length Width
3089/08039 cm42 cm37 cm
3089/08139 cm42 cm47 cm
3089/08239 cm42 cm65 cm
3089/08339 cm42 cm74,5 cm

Spare Parts

Spare Cover 300

3089/3802,5 cm42 cm3,7 cm

Spare Cover 400

3089/3812,5 cm42 cm4,7 cm

Spare Cover GN

3089/3822,5 cm42 cm65 cm

Spare Cover 700

3089/3832,5 cm42 cm74,5 cm

LowFlex Wire Stand

3089/18039,3 cm31,1 cm6 cm
18/10 Stainless SteelAcrylic